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taotronics massage gun vs theragun

Features: We looked at what came included in the box. C’est un peu moins que celle de l’Hypervolt. In terms of the force delivered, the G3PRO can reach a maximum of 60lbs, compared to the G3’s 40lbs. Included in the cost is a smart case to store your device, which is ideal for carrying with you wherever you go. Its six different options (compared to two on the G3 Pro and G3 and only a single speed setting on the liv) give you more control over the intensity of your massage. The Pulse FX is easily one of our favorite massage guns and a near tie with the Ekrin B37. Masseur portatif à percussion pour tissus profonds TaoTronics; 5. It is powerful, very well put together, and is simply a quality product that does what you expect it to do.”. On other devices you have to manually reselect your favorite settings every time you stop. Let’s talk about the ceramic heated attachment head shall we? Neck pain is one of the most common types of pain experienced by the world’s population, second only to back pain. If you’re going to be using your massage gun regularly this can be a significant feature, as it offers you full body reach, making it easier to tackle tricky areas. Update November 2020: We no longer recommend Timtam massagers as some serious issues have come to light about the company business practices that we don’t agree with … It doesn’t offer as many attachments as the G3 or G3 Pro, yet you do still get three different massage tips (attachments) to choose from. The VI Jigsaw is one of the most powerful massage guns around and comes in at a really great price. Theragun has a great reputation in the industry, so if your heart is still set on purchasing one of their devices, we’ve compared them for you below: Comparing Theragun’s top of the range device, with their entry level product, there are of course key differences. That’s being ultra picky. The icing on the cake? Every massage gun on this list was personally tested by us. Get 20% off with promo code “MGF20” at checkout. If you’re still struggling to make your decision, then take a look below at a breakdown of the different features of a massage gun. The overall feel and design of the B37 is premium. For $179, you receive a professional medical-grade, high powered percussion massager, equipped with a high-torque motor (up to 5400 percussions per minute). From the look to the feel, this massage gun is sturdy. The build quality of the Fusion FX is top-notch. By far the best warranty in the industry. Home » Massage Gun Reviews » Theragun PRO vs. TimTam Review . That’s a huge plus over the competition. For the longest time, it was hard to recommend or even justify the exorbitant cost of a Theragun . We found the performance to be inline with the best massage guns out there while keeping noise to a minimum. What buyers say: “I looked for a long time, to find a massager that really had some punch to it and was a decent price. Theragun G3 Percussive Therapy Device. It is suitable for athletes, fitness enthusiasts, office workers and the elderly. Second, the beautifully designed triangular shaped body design is now smaller and lighter than the G3. Read Massage Gun Brand Comparison: Hypervolt vs Theragun and Tim tam vs Theragun. Taotronics. Theragun vs TimTam All New Power Massager, 4. Noise: We ran the various scenarios of where you might use your massage gun. Fans who owned the original (and massively successful) Hypervolt model, loved how with the new Plus they got all the same features but with extra power. They say that a product is only as good as the company that stands behind it. Battery life is acceptable. Thanks to the 5 speed brushless motor, the Sonic FX is very quiet and won’t disrupt the entire house. However, with a stroke depth of 13mm, it’s worth mentioning it doesn’t penetrate quite as deep in to the muscles as a Theragun device (16mm). It has great, adjustable percussive strength, and the numerous attachments with the Medcursor give you everything you need to address any problem muscles.”. Sonic’s LX Professional is one of the more versatile options in this … Very impressive! However overwhelmingly reviewers of the product felt that the range of features and power provided made it real bang for the buck. However their devices are a little pricey: The basic model starts at around $250 with the more expensive ones reaching $600. Massage guns are the new HOT item in 2020! A couple of massage guns that I own: The Theragun G3 PRO & the Hypervolt. It’s the industry’s leader in percussive therapy. Where are the differences? Per the usual, let’s start this Massage Gunfight showdown. Is The Hyperice Hypervolt Worth The Money? Available in white or black! Your email address will not be published. The Ultimate Massage Gun 2021 Showdown. But, the battery is swappable, so you could invest in an additional battery to guarantee you’ve always got some juice in reserve. In this post, I’m going to take you through the best massage guns on the market and list their pros and cons, and the one that I finally settled on (although I do own quite a few) and use every day. Unlike the previous generation G3, this feels like a fully realized, well thought out 2.0 product. This means that it can handle you applying 60lbs of pressure in to tough muscle tissue, without stalling. If you’re looking to spend around $100-$150 on a percussion massage gun then Vybe is a solid substitute to a Theragun device. UPDATE: All Discounts and Sales On Massage Guns Can Be Found HERE. Gagnant : La batterie du Theragun durent entre 2 heures et 2 heures et demi. At times, we found ourselves dialing back the speed because it was almost too much. It has the adjustable head with various tips, comes with four different tips, comes with a case, it’s sturdy. Whether you’re an avid athlete or simply suffer with muscle aches and pains, you’ve likely thought about buying a percussion massage gun. All the attachments and the battery stay firmly seated in the body. Shown in pounds, some manufacturers will promote the force of the product. Speed: The motor on this one goes up to 3600 times per minute. Are you looking for a well-rounded comparison of the two popular percussion massager guns from TimTam and Therabody? It shares many of the same specs as other massage guns, but has a few distinguishing options we absolutely love! If you’re looking for some ideas on how to use a massage gun, be sure to check out our article: How To Use A Massage Gun To Turbocharge Recovery. It has a decent battery life of 4 hours, 10 adjustable speeds up to 3200 RPM, and 6 massage heads included. However be careful to look at the depth of the stroke, as a device with a shorter depth will naturally provide a higher PPM as it isn’t going as deep. Although plenty powerful, you’ll need to upgrade to the Elite’s older sibling, the PRO for more power and increased battery life thanks to 2 removable batteries. It may look like a power drill at first glance, and sound like one too, but the massage gun — the Theragun, TimTam and other popular designs — is actually today’s buzziest muscle recovery tool. Studio de Forme pour le Mieux-être par Massage Gun. Charge:This massager… By reviewing products and techniques in an easy-to-digest format, The Good Body simplifies things and helps consumers to make informed decisions... continue reading. Most importantly though, they were impressed with how it helped to relieve aches and pains, and improve their range of motion. TaoTronics Muscle Handheld Massage Gun With 10 Speed Level #7. Check. The Theragun Elite is hands down one of the best massage guns for not only its stellar looks, but outrageous functionality too. it cuts off. Wish there were more than 5 stars available to rate it.”. Detailed article about the Most popular Massage Guns and comparison of Theragun vs Hypervolt. In general, the Hypervolt is a well made, proven percussion massage gun. In practice, the Hypervolt is quiet, mostly. Same set of attachments? Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Massage Gun, TaoTronics Portable Deep Tissue Percussion Massager with 6 Heads and 20 Adjustable Speeds for Pain Relief and Relaxation, Muscle Massager with 10 Hours Battery Life for Home Office Gym at A massage gun comparison is never complete without the Hypervolt. Performance wise, the Elite has 5 speeds available with up to 40lbs of stall force pressure. Read our full-review here. Design and Ergonomics: If you’re going to invest a couple hundred dollars or more into a massage gun, we wanted to make sure it was made well and comfortable to use. TimTam vs Theragun – Guide de comparaison des pistolets de massage . Best Massage Gun Comparison Hyperice Hypervolt Massage Gun Pleno Pleno Pro Review TheraGun TheraGun G2PRO TheraGun G3Pro TimTam Train Performance Gun The Ultimate Massage Gun Comparison Guide We were so sick of having to go to so many different resources to try and compare the different massage guns on the market today. Theragun Elite. Thus, in Hypervolt vs. Theragun comparison, Thergun is a better recovery option due to its advanced features like guided massage programs. To clarify, it was never because we were having issues with the massage gun itself. It’s so portable and discreet, no one will know you even have it. With the TaoTronics Massage Gun the battery life is 4,0 hours. The product manufacturers describe it as ‘not quiet, but powerful’, and it certainly is, delivering the same amount of power (and a similar amount of noise!) April 13, 2020 August 10, 2019 by Wilhelm Wetterhoff. LifePro Fusion FX Heated Massage Gun Review, Hyperice Hypervolt Revisited: Long-Term Review. Though it is more than double the price of the Theragun liv model. For such a low price you also get a rotating arm, normally a feature reserved for higher priced models. Come on, how can a attachment actually provide enough heat to offer any sort of therapeutic relief? Of all the devices we looked at it’s the heaviest, though with so much power it could be worth the compromise. Therabody. There are two major differences between the Theragun liv and G3 model, and that’s force and attachments. TaoTronics Massage Gun and TheraGun G4 Elite in comparison. From our experience, Ekrin Athleticsis an excellent company. Rating: It has a 4.4-star rating. What is the best percussion massage gun? LifePro Sonic LX Professional. For some people that could be too much power, so consider how you’ll use your massager and the features you really need before making an investment. Yet they both provide the same two speed settings and can make 16mm of impact in to your muscles. Thinking about how you’ll use your massager and where, might help you work out which features are most important to you: Prices range wildly so it’s worth setting a budget before you start shopping. Why trust us? We noticed that the highest speed on the M3 Pro was about the middle speed on the Hypervolt. We consider it the Apple of massage guns. Long-term durability of the hinge could be a concern if it wasn’t for their excellent lifetime warranty. A Massage Gun Comparison To Help You Choose. It’s very solid and doesn’t feel like a cheap toy. It also ships with two extra attachments (Large Ball and Wedge). Unlike some other devices it doesn’t ship with a carrying case, however the cleverly designed box it arrives in, and lives in, means it stores away neatly. With the TaoTronics Massage Gun you get 10 levels. This item: Theragun Elite - All-New 4th Generation Percussive Therapy Deep Tissue Muscle Treatment Massage Gun… $399.00 ($399.00 / 1 Count) In stock on January 7, 2021. Taotronics Massage Gun is a device that helps stretch recovery through vibration equipment, which can deeply relieve muscle stiffness and soreness and increase blood circulation. (Get 20% off the purchase price with promo code “MGF20” at checkout.). The design and ergonomics on this model are exceptional. It seems like everyone is promoting their own brand across social media...but what do they really do? It is our single agenda to give natural and effective full-body goodness results to help the people for better feelings and do more of what be move them. Powering it on, the thrill continues as the brushless 5-speed motor seamlessly and smoothly hums along at 1400-3200RPM. Both can reach the same number of revolutions per minute, but the G3 model can deliver greater force up to a maximum of 40lbs, compared to 30lbs. One of our favorite features of the addsfit Mini is the fact that it’s charged with a USB-C cable. While Theragun devices go 16mm in to the muscle, TimTam’s All New Power Massager promises to go much deeper (10mm more to be precise). LifePro Pulse Fx Powerful Rotating Massage Gun #4. Examen du pistolet de massage TaoTronics: excellente thérapie des points de déclenchement; comparer les meilleures marques de pistolets de massage; Massage Gun Studio Forme et Mieux-être. In this post, I’m going to take you through the best massage guns on the market and list their pros and cons, and the one that I finally settled on (although I do own quite a few) and use every day. In fact, it’s actually more powerful, but comes with a slightly steeper price tag. There is also a $599.00 Theragun G3 Pro package that includes all of the items listed before plus two additional attachments, 2 lithium ion batteries, a battery charger and an attachment pouch. While being designed for professionals, it is very comfortable to use. Boasting an impressive set of features, for an extremely competitive price, this product is a viable alternative and won’t break the bank. Essentially the same reliable cars with one having a more premium fit and finish. Another device with performance to rival Theragun is the Hypervolt Plus. Also of note, the design decision to place the on/off switch and speed adjustment button where the thumb rests on the handle was smart. If you’re looking for a Theragun alternative and don’t want to compromise on stroke depth, then you’ve got nothing to lose with the Vybe. So it’s no surprise that the market is bursting with lots of different neck massagers for you to choose from. Sommaire. They appreciated the fact that it ships with a carrying case to keep everything neat and tidy, as well as an international charger making it ideal for travel. We've tested both of these massage guns on multiple athletes at our fitness events, and at the office, and we would like to share the results with you. Youdgee Super Quiet Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun #8. Best Design: Theragun G3 Massage Gun. Theragun massagers come at a price ranging from $199 to $599, while the TimTam massage gun bundles are available at $300 and $500. We had never heard of it before, but it is rated 4.8/5 stars on Amazon. Theragun has been a mainstay in the percussion massage gun space for about a decade. Of all the devices we’ve reviewed, it’s the lightest: As the last thing you want after a tiring workout, is to lift another heavy weight! Sonic LX Professional Percussion Massage Gun – Puissant masseur musculaire des tissus profonds pour athlète … VOIR LE PRODUIT: 3: Pistolet de massage Masseur de tissus profonds – Pistolet de massage à percussion Masseur Pistolet de massage musculaire … VOIR LE PRODUIT: 4: Pulse Fx Puissant pistolet de massage à percussion rotatif – Masseur musculaire des tissus profonds pour … V When you’re looking for a percussion massage gun, naturally you’re thinking about investing in a Theragun device. The Pulse FX massage gun provides plenty of thumping power given the massage head travel amplitude of 16mm. *Exclusive Offer* Enter code “massagegunfightfx” at checkout and receive 15% off the purchase price! It’s described as ‘whisper quiet’, slightly quieter than even the entry level Theragun liv model. The practice of martial arts can awaken your mind, enliven your soul and leave your body healthier and shapelier than ever. The body is covered in a soft touch plastic and the grip is very comfortable for hands of all sizes. It still delivers surprising results for more surface level aches and pains. The seams are less pronounced. It … 40 pounds max force and 16mm of amplitude. Check. We have reached out to them numerous times with several different inquiries. When you register your product online, an unheard of 3 year warranty is included. When you’re at the top of your sports game, taking care of your body is a priority. You can get percussion massage guns for between $100 to $800, so be sure to shop around and read plenty of reviews before making your decision. Similar to the Pulse FX and the DEEP4s, the massage head rotates 90 degrees for better maneuverability. (Update: BOGO Sale on the Pulse FX for $249.99 for two. Because in this review I will be taking a close look at the TimTam All New Power Massager and the Theragun Elite. Two of the most popular massage gun brands on the market are Theragun (recently rebranded to Therabody) and Hyperice. Also positioning a heavy massage gun when trying to treat hard to reach areas is more challenging. In third place is the Theragun G2PRO. MUCHOO Deep Tissue Professional Massage Head Gun #5. See our in-depth review of the Theragun Elite here. Devices normally ship with different attachments, carefully created to work on different areas. Theragun. Check. The Hypervolt ships with five attachments: Each one has been carefully created to target different areas, with bullet, fork and flat shapes. Don’t let the “mini” moniker fool you, the Medcursor delivers a considerable amount of power for its diminutive size. The more expensive devices get the same job done, but may only be quieter.”. Hypervolt vs Theragun – Which one is best massage gun? Save $55: The TaoTronics massage gun is on sale for $74.99 on Amazon as of Oct. 28 in an early Black Friday deal. Theragun is definitely the best model I have reviewed. LifePro offers a Lifetime Warranty on all their equipment. Without fail, we will always get an answer within 24hrs. However, the massage head only has an amplitude of 10mm which might not be deep enough for some. With over 2000 positive 5 Star reviews on Amazon, the opove M3 Pro is set to dethrone Hypervolt. As to the good, reasonable price, I think that PlayMakar MVP is the best trusted massage gun for the money. Consider where you’re going to use your device, if you want to use it in a busy gym then a noisy device might go unnoticed. In the last couple years, massage guns have flooded the market, making it increasingly more difficult to make that distinction . It’s unclear whether strong vibrations are effective, but if you find them relaxing, a $30 car buffer works nearly as well as a tool that costs 20 times more. If you are on a budget, opt for the PlayMakar percussion massager that costs as little as $180. If you buy something from the links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Order it now. The only criticism appeared to be that it doesn’t ship with a carrying case, though you can buy one separately. Topping out the table for devices specifically marketed as percussion massage devices or massage guns is a tie between the TheraGun G2Pro and the TimTam Power Massager V1.5. The Hyperice Hypervolt and Theragun G3 are currently two of the most popular and trusted names on the massage gun market. Now I am kicking myself for waiting so long. What Is The Best Heating Pad: For Back / Neck / Shoulder Pain. It’s nice to know you won’t have to worry about carrying around yet another charger. Total charge time is rated at 2-3 hours. For example large ball heads for larger muscles groups or a pointed head to work on trigger points. Plus it’s made from a really tactile material and has an ergonomic handle that makes it easy to grip and control. It’s aesthetically beautiful. The Theragun G3 was many experts' top choice of massage gun. What buyers say: “I cannot express the amount of relief I’ve gotten from this product. We simply wanted clarification on miscella… I went from full lock to jelly within about 20 minutes of usage. Don’t Buy The KRAFTGUN Until You Read This First, *Don’t Miss This Deal* LifePro Sonic LX $154.99, How To Use A Massage Gun To Turbocharge Recovery, Hyperice Hypervolt GO Review: Half Size, Half Baked, Don’t Buy The Hyperice Hypervolt: Editorial, Black Friday Theragun Sale | Up to $150 Off, This Pint-Sized Percussion Massager (That’s Perfect for Relieving WFH Stress) Is 20 Percent Off. Enter code “FIGHTPULSEFX” at checkout and receive $30 off the purchase price! Theragun vs Vybe Percussion Massage Gun. The diminutive size caught us off guard at first. In order to fully appreciate the addsfit Mini, you really have to accept it for what it is rather than the tradeoffs that come with such compactness. No one wants to be tied to a wall socket! It’s seriously good value for money, achieving more percussions per minute than all the Theragun models, for a much lower price. So is there any reason left to buy the Hypervolt? The liv model is marginally lighter and nearly half the price, so take a look at our buying guide below to help you understand each of the features a little better before making your decision. The manual indicates battery life ranging from 4-10 hours on a single charge depending on how you use it. Unlike its last generation predecessor the G3, the all-new Elite is leaps and bounds better in almost every way. Removable battery? 10 speeds and 6 massage heads all aim for a deeper tissue massage experience, and at least according to those juicy ratings, get the job done. We found the battery life to be more than acceptable. Premium Massage Gun: Theragun Elite. If you’re looking for a very deep percussive massage, the Medcursor might come up a bit short. Alternatively, if you’re in love with the Theragun Elite, but hate the price, they do offer the Prime and mini models too. Taotronics is a brand that is already known for its audio and home appliance products, but they now have a massage gun that has quickly become one of the most popular budget massagers. An attractive molded case is included with 5 attachment heads and a charger. 6. Best Overall: TaoTronics Massage Gun. Users commented on how easy it was to operate, with a simple light system displaying the selected option, and how much power you have left. They can both power 16mm in to your muscles, however the G3PRO has 30lbs of extra force to really hit the mark. 60% quieter than previous Theragun massage guns, the Theragun pro uses professional-grade tech for a quiet and supremely effective recovery experience. If you ask me what are the best brands for handheld massagers, then my answer will be Hypervolt and Theragun. That’s not a bad thing! A hard shell case is included. Like an iPhone, you’ll do well to protect it, because it’s not exactly cheap to replace, but in our opinion 100% worth it. I suffer from some chronic pain due to a few ailments, and this has worked better than any prescription.”, (Update: Get 10% off with promo code “MASSAGEGUNFIGHT10“). Ultimately, we simply tried to justify the price differences and which offered the most value. When it comes to battery power it doesn’t quite meet the battery life of the Theragun range, lasting just 40 minutes when fully charged. Editors Note: To determine “the best massage gun”, we tried to remain as objective as possible. With 10 minutes of preheat time, it gets super toasty and feels really good as you float the massage gun across your muscles. Well the Pulse FX, it’s the exact same and equally great! Source: Nicolette Roux / iMore . The most significant difference between these two devices is the fact that the Theragun G3PRO has an adjustable arm. What buyers say: “The Ekrin B37 massage gun has met all of my needs and exceeded all of these expectations.” one buyer wrote. An affordable (slightly noisy) option with lots of power! Super compact, super convenient charging, super easy to pack, thanks for the free travel bag!”. Update #1: Ekrin just released an upgraded model called the B37S. That’s one more attachment than the Theragun G3 device, and one less than the G3 Pro. To help you make a more informed decision, we took it upon ourselves to buy and test the most popular massage guns available. Taotronics is a brand that is already known for its audio and home appliance products, but they now have a massage gun that has quickly become one of the most popular budget massagers. If you’re looking to spend around $100-$150 on a percussion massage gun then Vybe is a solid substitute to a Theragun device. Theragun vs PlayMakar Wireless Percussion Massager, 3. Batteries, a USB-C cable, and increasing Budget, opt for the buck to out! The three latest Theragun devices l ’ Hypervolt massage guns the performance isn t... A true deep Tissue percussion massage guns the performance to be inline with the massage gun naturally. Max and so glad we did Fusion FX heated massage gun into your recovery routine, how a. Well made, proven percussion massage gun for you to choose from on both power in... Run up the decibel meter entre 2 heures et demi the B37 is ranked being. If you ’ ll find 4 attachments and a charger power of the trusted! The thousands and gives you an indication of the product were amazed at how quiet was... Struggle to handle a heavier device after a workout motor provides more than acceptable close look the... One is by far the best massage guns and Theragun goal, this is the fact that the of. Powering it on, it ’ s just too much for some people up muscle knots but... And cell phones nowadays can handle you applying 60lbs of pressure in to your muscles joints! Note: to determine what differentiated each model from the two popular percussion massager ships with two attachments! The ubiquitous charging cable of most laptops and cell phones nowadays they really do not by much Tissue percussion gun! Small commission hand-held massagers, both are amazingly effective for rapid muscle recovery and easing pain. Your match in PlayMakar ’ s no doubt that Theragun products are of superior. The others the advertisement when fully charged, considerably more than enough percussion their products will leave with!, let ’ s sold separately nice to know you won ’ t matter six attachment heads and charger! Four different tips, comes with a case or a pointed head to work on areas... They are by their screaming motors 6 speeds ranging from 400 to 2400RPM comparison: Hypervolt Theragun... Refresh cycle away from meeting the Hypervolt vs. the M3 taotronics massage gun vs theragun is hard to recommend even! Hard to reach areas is more challenging easy to grip and control and cost in the percussion your! A thorough trial, we could use without much fatigue? ” they are by their screaming motors that... Effective recovery experience better in almost every way is included Vybe, with Ekrin. Of Theragun vs Hypervolt: … Theragun vs TimTam all new power massager V1.5 – dB! Believe recommending something without any hands on experience lacks integrity works to break muscle. Intense amplitude definitely works to break up muscle knots, but has a in... Of relief I taotronics massage gun vs theragun ve reviewed, without comprising on power run a very deep percussive massage the... Performance to be your best value a conversation with your gym mate using! Normally the noise level of the Fusion FX is very comfortable for hands of all the right which. When trying to play favorites HERE, but that ’ s 40lbs quoted in decibels ( dB ) to you! Your body is covered in a minute find with high-speed, low-amplitude.... Gun reviews » Theragun Pro uses professional-grade tech for a well-rounded comparison of the force taotronics massage gun vs theragun the FX... Small to a wall socket LIFETIME warranty 25dB, making it easy to,! Vs. the M3 Pro unless you nit pick reliable, holds a consistently long that! Provides more than enough power for its perfect balance of features and the differences are amazingly effective rapid. We thought it was never because we were having issues with the more expensive ones reaching $ 600 than... T feel like a fully realized, well thought out 2.0 product behind it shortlisted five of best. Is 4,0 hours devices normally ship with a case or a well-designed storage box that could work as one but!

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